The Iconic Klarna’s Campaign: Solving Subway Travel For Dog-Loving New Yorkers With New Dog Carrier

What can happen when the city bans pets on the subway? Well, if you’re in NYC, a lot!

The ban of pets on the NYC subway has recently sparked lively debate and creativity within the city’s dog community.

Klarna, the global payment innovator and retail disruptor who loves to solve everyday challenges for consumers, has developed a customized shopping bag – designed specifically to enable commuters to carry their dogs on the subway.

“The Klarna Doggy Bag was inspired by the innovative takes on the MTA rules, where New Yorkers started carrying their dogs around in anything that just barely resembled an enclosed container,” 

commented David Sandstrom, CMO of Klarna.

New York-based Instagram furfluencer Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) and 2018 World’s Strongest Man Thor Bjornsson, aka “The Mountain”, are part of the project to raise awareness. 

Thor Bjornsson commented:

“I love dogs and I love lifting so this bag perfectly combines my two passions in life. All kidding aside, I’m happy to be part of this project – this bag really helps keeping Asterix calm and safe in a crowded place like New York.”

New York-based Instagram furfluencer Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) and Thor Bjornsson, aka "The Mountain'.

The Klarna Doggy Bag is part of the campaign called ‘Who’s A Good Shopper’ that celebrates the bond between dog owners and their furry best friends.

The Doggy Bag is made out of super soft faux fur for maximum canine coziness. On the inside, one part of the bag is designed for owner-human use with handy pockets for a MetroCard and cellphone, while the other side is crafted with the dog’s needs in mind, featuring holders for treats on the go as well as a pocket for poop bags.

An exclusive run of Klarna’s Doggy Bags is available for online purchase at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC dog shelter where all proceeds will help abandoned dogs find a new home.

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