PetCon NYC: Everything we saw, from the world’s most famous pets to diamonds made out of pet ashes

Imagine a huge space filled with hundreds of dogs and cats (and other pets like tiny pigs or even ducks!), some famous and some just adorable, and people obsessed with their pets just as much as you are. This is how PetCon in New York City looked like and we loved it. 

PetCon, the world’s premier conference centered around famous furry friends, opened with a VIP reception where we met the hottest dog celebrities IRL, among them @TunaMeltsMyHeart with 2.1 million Instagram followers, @manny.the.frenchie with 1.1. million followers, @popeyethefoodie@brussels.sprout@mochiandthecity and many more! 

Event date: Dec 14, 2019

We asked the world’s most famous dogs and their humans what they think of PetCon.

Here’s what they said:

"We love how PetCon has created this environment and this community where all of us pet lovers can come and just enjoy each other's pets. It's so awesome!"
"This is Mervin's third PetCon and we love coming because we get to see all his fans from all around the world!"
"We love coming to PetCon to meet all of Mochi's followers and see all the other dogs and pets from around the world."

Come for the Instagram dog celebrities, stay for the loving shelter dogs 

We loved that there was an Adoption Garden where people could cuddle with cute adoptable pets and maybe bring home a furry best friend or two! 

However, the event wasn’t just about meeting and cuddling with adorable pets. There were also many insightful panels on various topics: from how to get pet ready to advise on helping animals through the legislative process or discussions on the future of pet care and much more. 

Here are a few of the top things that we took away and thought it might be useful to anyone creating content about his dog baby.

Athena the Shihtzu at PetCon in Manhattan. Her dress was custom made by a dog fashion designer.
Source: Daniel William McKnight/New York Post

How can you make your dog Insta-famous?  

“To become a content creator you just gotta do it. You really gotta just open up your phone, download whatever platform you wanna work on and just start making stuff and put it out there. That’s what we did with him and we had no idea it was gonna blow up the way it did,” shared Leo Anguiano who is behind the notorious @Mr.Biggie (83.7k followers). 

Which platform is the best for becoming a pet influencer? 

“I just created an Instagram for her because I didn’t want my own Instagram to be full of pictures of my dog. And her account quickly surpassed mine in terms of following and we’ve been growing it since then,” said Elle Drouin, the creative force behind @mochiandthecity (103k followers). 

She also advised: “When it comes to new platforms it’s really important to think about whether or not they really serve you. It all depends on who your audience is and what do you want to do with your content. We create videos and put them on her blog and Youtube and then repurpose that for Instagram because that’s where our main audience is.”

What is the key to making good content? 

“You definitely need to figure out what is unique about your brand – some kind of angle that is really your own point of view. And then dig into that: make sure it’s authentic and make sure that you’re posting consistently. That means posting every day and maybe even at the same time if you can. You should also do things that align with your brand and what you’re passionate about. That will really speak who you are and create new opportunities in the future,” told us Stacey Crawford, Brand Manager at @ThePetCollective (375k followers). 

Zaney Beaner the Wiener at PetCon in manhattan on Saturday.
Daniel William McKnight/New York Post

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