Pleo’s New Adorable Campaign Will Win Your Heart

Pleo, the Danish startup that makes it easier for employees to manage their receipts, has unleashed their latest innovation, Fetch.

There’s so much Pleo could say about Fetch. But they figured it would be more fun to let dogs do it instead. The adorable 2-minute video tells a funny story about Good Pooches Inc, a dog consultancy firm, helping puppies become good boys and girls. Watch above.

Pleo is known for its dog-friendly office policy and an overall obsession with dogs ❤️.

Bowie is the boss at Good Pooches Inc.—he’s the big dog. But he’s not doing all the work by himself; his consultancy firm has quite a furry team, making sure all areas of their works are well taken care of.

The office manager and security guy Dante is making sure everyone is safe and has the equipment they need for their work. Buddy is a puppy and still figuring stuff out but he’s the creative one so he’s responsible for marketing. Then they have Mynte and Jamaica—designers who rather watch cute cat videos than work. The happiest dog in the office is Suki so he took over the customer success, obviously. Gertrude is… well, always late. The team needs to buy a lot of stuff to keep the business running smoothly and Bodil is managing the finance.

In the past their expense management was a bit rough. They had no overview of who was buying what (just imagine countless dog treats receipts), and there were so many reimbursements and paperwork to do.

When they got their paws on Pleo it made their paying for things so much easier.

And they couldn’t be more excited when they heard about the new treat called Fetch!

Fetch connects Pleo to your Gmail account and sniffs out receipts in your inbox, automatically.

This means less work. Which made the whole doggy team pretty happy!

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