Jinx And Famous IG Account @overheardla Have A Billboard

Jinx, the new direct-to-consumer dog food brand is winning hearts and minds of LA dog parents with incredible humour — by partnering with @overheardLA.

To celebrate their launch, Jinx, a brand that founders say is designed for “modern” dogs and their owners, have teamed up with people behind @overheardLA to create one of the most hilarious billboards in the pet industry.

Overheard is a unique media brand that satirizes millennial culture with engaging, localized content. Their Instagram account Overheard LA has already 1.5m followers.

Since LA is the city with one of the largest dog populations in the world (it is estimated to be about 1.2 million privately-owned dogs in Los Angeles County) it makes perfect sense for Jinx to team up with a brand who already has direct access to this huge group of people from whom many self-identify as “dog parents”.

Jinx mission is about fuelling “Modern Doghood” (that term has been trademarked). They say they are the only pet wellness brand that’s marketing to its end customer: the dog. Hence the new term: “D2D” or “Direct-to-Dog Marketing” (that’s trademarked too).

“You are not a caveman, and your dog is not a wolf. Our dogs have evolved and have lifestyles full of doggie playdates, trips to the park, long naps and human cuddles,”

said Jinx CEO Terri Rockovich. “Jinx is inspired by a modern perspective on advanced nutrition that will help our dogs sustain their healthy, advanced lifestyles.”

So basically, dogs should be eating clean, like four-legged wellness bloggers.

Millenial Dog Parenting

Jinx isn’t really about dogs, though. It’s about the people who own dogs. Specifically, Millennial dog parents. Wait, that’s us.

Research about the peculiar Millennial generation, particularly US-based Millennials shows very clear reasons why we’re such a peculiar kind of pet owners. According to research:

We also spend more on dog food than any other generation and even delay life milestones to care for our dogs.

Expect more billboards “targeting your dog” soon. I hope they will be at least half as creative as this one.

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