Rejuvenate Bio could extend our dogs’ lives

Rejuvenate Bio, a Harvard-associated biotech startup, is using gene therapy technology to help dogs live longer, healthier lives.

Back in 2015, the lab at Harvard began testing a variety of therapies focused on age reversal using CRISPR, a gene editing system that was much easier and faster to use than older techniques. The initiative started by professor George Church of Harvard Medical School, who co-founded Rejuvenate Bio to figure out anti-aging on dogs and potentially translate that to humans.  

Their plan is to reverse aging in dogs by preventing and treating several age-related diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, heart failure, and renal failure. 

“Science hasn’t yet found a way to make complex animals like dogs live forever, so the next best thing we can do is find a way to maintain health for as long as possible during the aging process.” – George Church

Noah Davidsohn, CTO of Rejuvenate Bio and former Wyss Institute Research Scientist, was inspired by his German Shepherd, Bear, to develop a gene therapy that can help dogs live healthier lives. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University

This year in February the company secured an exclusive worldwide license from the Harvard Office of Technology Development to commercialize their gene therapy technology. This means they will be able to apply their winning anti-aging therapy from mice to dogs. 

Noah Davidsohn, Ph.D., a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Rejuvenate Bio, said: 

“We are hopeful that our pilot study will allow us to move toward an animal drug trial with the FDA, which generally takes about three years to complete.”

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