Jen Atkin’s Glamorous Trip Through Italy With Her Husband, Girlfriends, and Dog Roo

Have you ever wondered what a dream vacation with your dog looks like? Jen Atkin, dog mom and celebrity hairstylist, her husband Mike Rosenthal and their famous friends, among them Desi Perkins, Stephanie Shepard, Aimee Song, have figured it out for you.
Shepard, Atkin, Perkins, and Aimee Song enjoy a picnic at their Monteverdi Villa in Tuscany, Italy. Photo courtesy: Steven Perkins

Hiking in Tuscany

Atkin, Rosenthal, their dog Roo and their friends were looking for someplace with “old world charm”. They settled on Monteverdi, a glamorous hilltop resort in Tuscany just outside of the medieval town of Sarteano. “Monteverdi is ancient and a UNESCO heritage site. So just imagining what it was like hundreds of years before cars were invented, everything moving by horseback, no electricity, no modern communication—it’s all fascinating,” Jen told Vogue.

Their little Terrier mix, Roo, soaking up the sun poolside at Monteverdi. Photo courtesy: Mike Rosenthal

Idyllic adventures included cooking classes where they made pasta and fried stuffed zucchini blossoms, hiking through forests and discovering Etruscan burial sites to listening to Brahms at an ancient Romanesque church.

Oh, and drinking wine at the Bulgari family vineyard, Podernuovo a Palazzone. After all, this is Tuscany.

Family photo at the Bulgari winery. Photo courtesy: Mike Rosenthal

Boating on Lake Como, the world’s most glamorous lake

For the second part of their trip they traveled to Lake Como, a tranquil paradise for A-List celebrities, where they stayed at the Villa D’Este, Il Sereno Como, and Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The latter hotel is one of the most dog-friendly luxurious hotels in Europe.

As Atkin described the iconic art nouveau palazzo: “It’s fresh out of a Wes Anderson movie. Such character and grandiosity, beautiful sculpted gardens, the floating pool, amazing service. It faces the town of Bellagio across the lake, so you have a spectacular view that changes radically with the changing sunlight”.

Below, see how Jen Atkin—and her glamorous group—gallivanted through Italy.

Jen and her dog Roo lounging at Grand Tremezzo hotel in Lake Como. Photo courtesy: Mike Rosenthal
The Hotel Grand Tremezzo is one of the European most dog-friendly hotels where dogs are allowed to walk around freely. Photo courtesy: Mike Rosenthal
Signature fresh Italian pasta from Villa d’Este in Lake Como.
The rumour is Roo has been ordering room service multiple times a day. Photo courtesy: Mike Rosenthal
The rumour is Roo has been ordering room service multiple times a day. Photo courtesy: Mike Rosenthal

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Source for this article: Vogue


Jen Atkin and Mike Rosenthal share their experience of traveling abroad with their dog Roo

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